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We’re more than a creative design studio — whether you are a creative brand or entrepreneur we want you to know that we’re here to make your dreams a reality and attract your ideal clients along the way.
— Taj Web Design & Co.

about us

Taj Web Design & Co — is a creative design studio that provides meaningful & innovative branding, digital, and design services for creative brands & entrepreneurs. We have a passion for working with creative brands & entrepreneurs that are full of purpose, creativity, inspiration, and who make it their mission go help their local community.

At Taj Web Design & Co. we offer a variety of creative services ranging from branding, digital, and design. We take pride in the process of curating and designing websites & projects with purpose in mind as we provide everything from creative consultations to online creative design and concepts, brand identity & graphic design, original content curation including copy-writing, web design, social media + advertising & marketing services to help bring your company's story, aesthetic, and overall vision to life. Whether you’re a creative brand or entrepreneur we aim to bring the best of both worlds  –  design and tech together to create a unique, innovative, and meaningful design project that fits the needs of your company with an armor of passion, understanding, and authenticity. 

mission statement at taj web design & co — we create magic with purpose in mind for creative brands & entrepreneurs.


our company core values

At Taj Web Design & Co — We aim to provide to our clients all creative services with everything that matters most to us.

01. Beauty:

As we aim to share the beauty of the world through our eyes within the work that we create + the experiences that we share with our clients. We believe in the importance of curating a creative + design client experience that is beautiful in every way from the beginning to the end.

02. Inspiration:

It is important that we bring forth a sense of inspiration through various areas of life, art, people, and places. Our goal is to create an online space in addition to providing creative services that bring forth a new level of thinking and understanding as well as to inspire other creative brands & entrepreneurs to do the same.

03. Creativity:

Throughout our creative work — we believe in the importance of growing in our creativity & vision as a creative design studio. We provide an array selection of creative services so that we can be of greater service to you — as our client. We aim to never create in our comfort zone as it is our goal to successfully grow to new heights daily.

04. Purpose:

As our mission statement says — we create magic with purpose in mind for creative brands & entrepreneurs — as we aim to not only create with our minds but from our hearts as well.


our promise to you

We ensure that your experience in working with us will make your life a bit easier as a creative brand or entrepreneur as we’re here to fulfill all of your brand’s creative design needs and requests. We’re more than just a creative design studio we aim to cultivate a friendly & long-lasting partnership with our clients as we want you to know that we are here to help you make your dreams a reality as we’re are in this creative journey together.


Client List:

MONÁE media

mocha girl beauty

the lar collection

destiny dance studio


the in my skin campaign


Let’s create with purpose in mind together!

We cannot wait to create an innovative, beautiful, and inspirational brand with you.


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Disclaimer: Images courtesy of Taj Web Design & Co. unless stated otherwise.