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We are starting a new series — FRIYAY INSPO that will share a beautiful & inspirational quote alongside a moodboard + gallery of images that fits the theme. Each post will be shared every friday with a different theme that will send spark creativity to run inside of your mind & inspiration to flow for everyday life.

Here’s a peek at what’s to come

#FRIYAYINSPO was created with you in mind as everything we do is to share the message of beauty, inspiration, creativity, and purpose for those who come into connection with our work!

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Inspiration: The Paris Collection


We thought it would be great to share the creative process & inspiration behind both social media collections — Paris & Rosé. 

With it's neutral color palette + earthy & editorial vibe for we were heavily inspired by the culture, food, fashion, and lifestyle of Paris, France while cultivating and creating this collection. We had the mind of creative brands + entrepreneurs in the travel, food + drink, home artistic fields as top priority. As we value the importance & power of unity we wanted to give back in such a way to our creative community. We know often times it can be quite difficult creating content in a authentic, unique, and beautiful way in the midst of our everyday lives so we made sure to create a solution by taking the frustration, worry, stress out of it for you. As both Paris + Rosé are easy to use and share with the world — everything that perfectly aligns and represents your brand and story so effortlessly. 


Inspiration: The Rosé Collection


With Rosé — we thought it would be amazing to focus on the soft, feminine, and subtle touches of blush pink, tan, cream, black & white. The Rosé Collection — 2 of 2 Social Media Template Collection but instead of being for travel, food + drink, home we created Rosé to be for creative brands & entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion, & lifestyle fields.

We strongly feel in the importance of showcasing beauty & diversity through every design project that we create and share with the world as a part of our own. As the concept & completion of Rosé serves an ode to women in business & in life who are all over the world going after their dreams, creating their own rules, and living freely in the way they feel is best in the most unconventional & extraordinary way!


Inspiration: Summer Vibes

sum·mer /ˈsəmər/ vibe /vīb/

We all love how the sun shines so bright, the aroma of our favorite dishes cooking on the grill, as the latest sounds play in the background as we enjoy the day & night with much excitement. We just love a good time with our friends as we go without a care in the world.

Inspiration: NYC



Lights. Camera. Action. NYC - known to the world as the big apple. A place that never sleeps. A place full of inspiration, art for days, and culture unlike any other.

Inspiration: Paris


This beautiful place is known as the city of love (Ville de l'amour). Paris, France is also known as the city of light (La Ville Lumière). A place where love can be found, an amazing view can be seen, where kind people can be met, and delicious food can be eaten.

Inspiration: Paradise



The islands and fascinating vibes of paradise can be found in the places of U.S. & Internationally. Nothing but happiness fuels your mind, spirit, and body as the sunsets on the ocean, as the breeze of the winds sways upon your face, and as you taste the sweet flavor & indulge in the aroma of coconuts.