The In My Skin Campaign

The In My Skin Campaign - Est. 2016 - 2018

The In My Skin Campaign (Est. 2016-2018) Inspirational Online Movement that focuses on sharing positive messages of hope through forms of visual & written storytelling. IMSC is a place for creatives of color to share their story of strength and power to help other women and men of their community and beyond. 

services: brand identity → creative direction → web design → copy-writing →

social media GRAPHIC DESIGN + advertising/marketing

The In My Skin Campaign was a beautiful & purposeful online movement that inspired the hearts of many women + men of color and beyond. Through their simplistic yet innovative layout + design to their vibrant & bold content on their website + social media platforms - we were there to help & bring to life a space that personified the beauty of it’s mission & aesthetic perfectly.

images courtesy of the in my skin campaign


For more of The In My Skin Campaign visit their Instagram page.