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Taj Web Design & Co is a creative design studio that provides meaningful & innovative branding,

digital, and design services for creative brands & entrepreneurs.


At Taj Web Design & Co. We offer a variety of creative services ranging from branding, digital, and design. We take pride in the process of curating and designing websites & projects with purpose in mind as we provide everything from creative consultations to online creative design and concepts, brand identity & graphic design, original content curation including copy-writing, web design, social media + advertising & marketing services to help bring your company's story, aesthetic, and overall vision to life.

We have a passion for working with creative brands + entrepreneurs that value building a community, creating in purpose, and sharing their love for creativity. Whether you’re a creative brand or entrepreneur we aim to bring the best of both worlds – design and tech together to create a unique, innovative, and meaningful brand with you full of quality results that fits the needs of your company with an armor of passion, understanding, and authenticity. 


Client List:

→ mango bee design

→ do tell podcast

→ sage magazine

→ MONÁE media

→ mocha girl beauty

→ the lar collection

→ destiny dance studio

→ herbeautyspeaks

→ the in my skin campaign


founder + art director

Destiny J. Thomas

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Destiny J. Thomas is the Founder & Art Director of Taj Web Design & Co based in Atlanta, GA. With her unique + bold design style, keen eye for detail, and ability to provide quality results to her clients that are both meaningful and innovative led her to turn her passion into a company of her own that she enjoys. She takes pride in creating online spaces + digital products that passionately reflect the vision, aesthetic, and overall mission of the companies and brands that she works with.

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Let’s create with purpose in mind together!


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